Our Vision

A society in which the highest four-fold Cambodian ideals of Metta (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (altruistic or sympathetic joy), Upekkha (equanimity).

JSC seeks peace, justice, equality and the fullness of life for all Cambodians.

Our Mission

To accompany and work with disadvantaged communities in upholding the rights, the welfare and the dignity of the poor by implementing programs that alleviate poverty, improve education and establish just relations in Cambodian society.

Prior Values

  • Accompaniment that empowers – We believe that personal contact and being present with people can empower to new hope.
  • Diversity that enriches – The work of Jesuit Service has always been open and inclusive, a work of various people: of diverse races and nationalities, local and foreign, of disabilities and different abilities, of various religions and belief.
  • Preferential option for the poorest communities – It is clear to us that we cannot help all the poor. And so we shall purposely try to seek out the poorest and the most disadvantaged among them.
  • Creative and collaborative means – The myriad of problems and the depth of their causes and effects demands us to think creatively for solutions.
  • Grass-roots reflection that guide action – The process of searching for creative means to address problems in Cambodian society is discerning how to respond to the call of the times