Ang Snoul is the name of the district surrounding Kandal Province where Ban- teay Prieb is located. Most of people living in Ang Snoul District are farmers. RDAS provides micro- finance for rice and livestock and small loans for poor villagers. The RDAS team regularly consults with the head of each village to know the difficulties the people have to repay their debts and what kind of support they have more need of. RDAS also runs the Poor Farmers Association (PFSA) and the Khmer Women’s Association (KWA) to show solidarity to the villagers and support communica- tion within communities.


PFSA has charge of a credit association that provides agricultural and rehabilitation loans, assisting farmers to improve their life and cultivate community spirit and sense of communal responsibility. A federation of representatives is established in a town when minimum of 10 people are gathered and then new members can be recruited.  These members can make small loads from the federation. We calculate members’ demand amount and loan out the initial finance. The rule is to repay interest rate of 2% after 1 year. The next 2% of the interest rate will become the load funds, which can be self-invested from PFSA. After several years, PFSA will be operated as a credit bank of fully independent resident cooperative society. Among 7,141 households, which use petty loan from RDAS, 47% of them receive loans directly and 53% from PFSA. Today, there are 13 PFSA organizations fully operated independently.