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JSC Ecology Team

Planting trip!  by. Cheatta

Banteay Prieb

Story of Special Education Class  by. Yong-guk Jeon

Xavier Jesuit School

The 2nd Official Promoting Video  by. team 83

Xavier Jesuit School in Cambodia

Official Promotional Video by. team 83

“Our school is not only building and running the school. We are also acting as a protector for local children against the corruption of society. We will teach the children how to live together, to care for other people with- out discrimination. We emphasize the education of applied science focusing on the research, the art and physical education and the practical education. We suppose that it foster a sense of empathy and thinking skills to the children.”

Banteay Prieb

Introducing Video  by. team 83

Here, men and women disabled by landmines, war, accidents and polio come to live, learn, tell their stories, and draw strength from one another. The Center’s programs strive to impart skills and values that enhance the participants’ sense of dignity and self-worth, and provide possibilities for income gen- eration and self-support after they finish the program.